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Pest Control Coulsdon

Panther Pest Control, the best pest-control company for you! We offer emergency and routine pest-control services for Coulsdon homes and businesses.

Is your Coulsdon property experiencing a pest infestation? Maybe you’re being bothered by wasps or cockroaches, or worried about bed bugs, rodents or any of the many other pests we can experience in the London area.

Don’t delay as your pest problem grows – just call or message us, and one of our expert pest-control teams will visit you to quickly and efficiently remove any pests that are causing you a problem.

And, to prevent pests returning to your property in future, we offer pest-proofing services too.

What Panther Pest Control Offers Our Clients in Coulsdon

Responsiveness – Our phones are on 24/7. If you have a pest problem in Coulsdon, you can call or message us anytime, day or night. Need a pest removed at 3am? We can help! Contact us and we’ll prioritise getting to you as soon as possible.

Safety – All our professional pest-removal products are sourced from approved UK pest-control suppliers and we use environmentally-friendly pest-eradication methods. Our pest-control teams are trained in the health, safety and environmental skills necessary for safe pest-removal. After pests have been eradicated, we also clean and sanitise all treated areas to ensure you can promptly return to enjoying your pest-free home or business again.

Effectiveness – Panther Pest Control’s pest-removal team will thoroughly remove any harmful organisms from your living or working areas. We also give you any advice necessary to prevent pests from returning in future. We will suggest any follow-up pest treatments or inspections if we think they are needed.

Guaranteed Results – For your peace of mind, we guarantee the effectiveness of our pest removal service.

Why Use Panther Pest Control for Pest Problems in Coulsdon?

Established a decade ago, Panther Pest Control have the experience and equipment to get rid of any pest for you, quickly, safely and cost-effectively. We have all the specialist pest removal tools, treatments and expertise necessary to protect your wellbeing, property and reputation from the damaging effects of pests.

To get started, contact us today to discuss your pest problem and arrange advice or a site inspection and treatment.

Panther Pest Control services are available in your area of Coulsdon. Contact our friendly sales team today.

We offer pest control also in:

Animals Used for Biological Pest Control

  • Dragonflies
    Dragonflies naturally hunt on mosquitoes and are able to exterminate them while the pest is in the water or in the air. Organic pest control of this types is preferred, compared to using chemical pesticides, which along with the mosquitoes, kill dragonflies as well.
  • Lacewings
    Green lacewings are used for organic pest control of insects and mites, especially in agriculture and private gardens. These biological control agents are the perfect weapon against Colorado potato beetles, many caterpillars, borers, corn earworms, leafhoppers, whiteflies and more. Sources of sugar are very tempting to lacewings and attract them in an instant (in case you decide you need some in your garden).
  • Ground beetle
    Ground beetles are very beneficial insects for your garden – they create tunnels under the ground, which are later used for hunting their prey. Usually, the ground beetles hunt or insect which are common pests such as corn earworms, asparagus beetles, cabbage worms and more. Flat stones provide perfect shelter for the ground beetles, feel free to place some in your garden to attract this biological control agent to your yard.
  • Centipedes
  • Ladybugs
    Ladybugs are harmless, their larvae, on the other side, is a vicious predator that feeds on pests such as aphids, greenfly, mites and some caterpillars. Next time you spot plenty of ladybugs in your garden, we advise you to better let them spread even further instead of exterminating them.
  • Frogs
  • Lizards
  • Hedgehogs
  • Birds
  • Cats
  • Ferrets
  • Birds of prey (Some are used as bird control method, primarily for deterrence).
  • Dogs
    Rat terriers kill field mice, rats, june bugs, and birds. Dogs chase away many types of pest animals. Terriers are great helpers to farmers who want to deal with tons of sneaky rodents without the use of pesticides.

Meet the team

Matteo Grader is the bed bugs expert. He is responsible for domestic pest control sessions in London, and exclusively specialises in bed bugs treatment services. He has several years of experience in dealing with bed bug infestations and other pest issues.

Matteo also helps train new exterminators. He will advise you on the most effective pest prevention and proofing methods so that your home stays vermin-free in the future.

Alexander Clarke is one of the first exterminators in London and ever since he began his career, he’s proved to be reliable, skilled and effective. He is an expert in dealing with wasps and wasp nests, as well as other unwanted insects.

He has vast knowledge about various types of household pests, their life cycles and habits, and is masterful in applying professional anti-insect treatments and methods. He covers the entire area of London and delivers quick and efficient results. You can listen to his advice and secure your home from future pest problems. He will make sure your home is treated thoroughly.

To help you in the fight with rats and mice, Noah Walker is perfectly trained and qualified in employing industry-approved rodent control methods, including setting up traps, the use of rodenticides, sealing points of entry, etc. He has been working as an exterminator with Panther Pest Control for over 3 years and is unequalled in finding the rodents’ nests, entry points and routes.

He is the leader of a couple of rodent control teams and helps train new technicians.

We’ve made sure to answer most of the questions we get asked about the services that we offer. You can find the answers to your questions here.

Pest Control Specialists Are in Your Area

Vermin do not have boundaries. They do not have favourite cities. They are everywhere. We operate in London and are ready to help with your pest problem every day of the week or the weekend. Don’t hesitate to call for an emergency pest problem. Teams of pest exterminators are in the M25 area and will come to the rescue as soon as possible.

Pest control specialists you can trust

Panther Pest Control always makes sure that the job is done up to the highest standard. If you are in need of a short-notice or an emergency pest control treatment, call us on 020 3404 5177 without delay or fill in our contact form at any time. We’ll get back to you with a free quote ASAP!

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