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Squirrel Control

Squirrel Control in London: Removal with Traps

Squirrels are known for their capability to cause severe damage to houses. The presence of squirrels is usually first noticeable by the loud noises and scratching, often in the attic. Most often, properties in London get infested with squirrels in the attic but the furry rodents also hide anywhere else they feel safe. If your property is infested by the furry rodents, consider booking a professional & immediate squirrel control.

Panther Pest Control provides full squirrel control for your property in London and the surrounding areas. The technicians use a combination of squirrel pest control methods, to ensure full squirrel removal and humane dispatch of the furry rodents.

  • We understand you are very busy, so you can hire us every day of the week and in the evenings. You can rely on us for emergency squirrel pest control as well.
  • The squirrel removal and the rest of the rodent control services are not hourly based and the technician will leave once the job is completely done.
  • We are aware of the damage squirrels can cause to your property – chewing on cables, pipes and furniture – and guarantee that we will leave your home or office completely squirrel-free.
  • You can take advantage of competitive prices for squirrel control services.
  • Our customer care centre works 24/7 so we are always at your service. You can call us and inquire about residential or commercial pest control anywhere in London.

Our Squirrel Pest Control in Details

  • Inspection: A squirrel control expert will do a full property inspection for signs of infestation such as squirrel droppings, ensuring every infested area will be treated. An inspection is mandatory in order to find out the right type of vermin in your home, sometimes it might not be squirrels but mice causing troubles. In that case you will need to book a mice extermination service.
  • Treatment: The squirrel pest control consists of 3 main visits. On the first one, the technician will come equipped with squirrel bates and snap traps, and will carefully place them in or around your property in London to catch all squirrels. If a squirrel is caught, call us and a technician will come to dispatch the squirrel and place new traps. In case of dead squirrels on your property, we also offer animal disposal service.
  • Humane Squirrel Control: During his second visit the professional will dispatch of the trapped squirrels in a humane way. Then he will re-bait the property.
  • Re-Infestation Prevention Advice: He can also advise you on how to prevent future pest infestation in your home or office.

Prevent Property Damage By Booking Professional Squirrel Controllers in London

Though squirrels are not known to carry dangerous diseases and infections, they can be persistent in gnawing through almost everything in their way. Letting a mild-level squirrel infestation grow into a serious problem means severe property damage including:

  • Damage of insulation and wood elements in the attic area.
  • Torn wires
  • Ruined furniture
  • Ceiling and wall damage – they often chew holes and leave urine stains
  • Dropping in the infested area, as well as other signs in the yard.

To end the terror and mess, call now and get an instant quote for a qualified squirrel removal service!

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Facts About Squirrels

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Fact 2
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Fact 6
  • There are around 260 species of squirrels in the world and about 40 of them are categorized as “flying squirrels”.

  • Squirrels, just as rats, can transmit the bubonic plague to humans.

  • To make it through the challenging winter in the UK, squirrels store nuts and seeds at various places and return to them when in need of a food source.

  • Squirrel babies are called kittens and are born blind.

  • Squirrels usually prefer nesting in tree trunks. Yet, they could choose your attic for nesting as well as protection against predators like snakes, owls and hawks.

  • In U.S.A. the squirrel is a national symbol of trust, preparation and thriftness.

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