Pest Control Prices

The pest control prices listed below are dedicated for residential customers.

If you need help for your business premises (office, restaurant, hotel, etc.), please call us on 020 3404 5177 and our corporate department will provide you with the most suitable plan for your property.

Benefit from a 15% discount on your pest control session by joining our programme. Learn more about the membership from our sales agents by asking them about it during your phone call.

The price for some pest treatments may be lower for smaller premises. There is also a late appointment surcharge of £50 (night job is considered between 8 pm and 5 am appointment time).

To get a 100% exact quote, contact us at 020 3404 5177

  • 2 visits service includes 1 major treatment + 1 follow-up visit within 1 month. Note: follow-up visit is organised only upon customer’s request.
  • Full service includes 1 major treatment + 2 follow-ups visits within 3 months. Note: follow-up visits are organised only upon customer’s request.
  • If applicable, there might be an additional charge for parking and congestion.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

As shown in the prices table above, the price of our pest control services varies. How much you will have to pay to get the pest in your property exterminated, depends on things such as:

  • Size of the property
  • Number of visits required to complete the extermination. Some pests may require more than one visit, such are bed bugs elimination, rats control and mice control.
  • Effectiveness of the treatment – full pest control services give a 3-month guarantee and additional treatments are made if any signs of infestation occur.
  • Pest proofing

A common mistake many of our customers do is to not proof their property after the treatment in order to save some expenses. This actually makes the whole extermination pointless and pest such as rodents return quickly to the building a few days after the treatment. This happens often with cockroaches re-infestation and another cockroach treatment has to be arranged.

When a full pest control service is booked, a thorough pest proofing is executed, ensuring the property has no entry points for more pests.

To get the most of your pest control, we advise on paying as much as it’s necessary to have all infested areas treated and sealed properly. The price may be a little higher than expected but on the long term, you will actually save a lot of pest control costs.

How Much Does an Exterminator Cost?

We don’t charge per number of exterminators required to complete a pest control session. Instead, a precise pest inspection is done by the exterminators the moment they arrive at your property at a previously arranged time and date.

Then, an approximate price for the whole treatment is confirmed.

This price range is subjective and is not relevant for commercial pest control sessions. The price for such commercial treatments is calculated primarily based on the building’s size in a square meter.

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