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Efficient Dead Animal Removal and Dignified Pet Cremation Across London

Calling professionals for dead animal removal saves you a lot of trouble. You’ll avoid making contact with the carcass of dead disease-transmitting mammals, birds or reptiles. In case you’ve lost your dead pet and the affection is so strong you can’t handle its disposal, a trained technician will carefully take care of the beloved pet’s carcass.

In case your beloved pet has passed away and you prefer to cremate it, we can do this for you at a specialised pet cremation centre, equipped with a pet crematorium, where your pet will be reduced to ashes with dignity and respect.

  • 24/7 availability for any emergency – a pest control technician may be sent to visit you at any time of the day (including weekends and Bank holidays).
  • Complete discretion – in case you want to have the dead animals removed without anyone being aware of this, the pest control team may come with an unbranded van. Your pet may also be transported to the pet crematorium in a discreet manner.
  • Certified and experienced professionals who will do the job quickly and safely, without causing any additional hassle.
  • Avoid health risks. The smell of a dead animal is quite disturbing. Any contact with the animal’s carcass also imposes a great risk to human health. When it is removed, there will be nothing to worry about anymore. We can remove pests from commercial properties at competitive prices.

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Dead Animals We Can Take

We can assist you with removing the following animals:

  • Small mammals: rats, mice, foxes, cats, dogs, rabbits, squirrels, bats.
  • Birds: pigeons, seagulls, sparrows and more.
  • Snakes: we remove only dead snakes.

Dead birds might end up at your house or yard even if you’ve never attracted them into your yard before. If you have cats that walk in your yard freely, it’s absolutely normal to find a carcass of a dead bird at your property.

We also remove snakes but only if they are dead. In case there is a living snake anywhere around or inside your property, it’s best to find an alternative way to remove it without killing it as snakes are a natural form of pest control and are highly essential for the natural environment.

NOTE: We don’t remove dead animals of bigger size such as cows, horses, deers, pigs etc. If this is the case, please report the problem to your local council.

The Steps We Take to Remove Deceased Animals

  • To guarantee complete dead animal removal which is safe for both – the customer and the technician himself, we’ve come up with few steps of operation. The service is completed in a clean manner and no traces of the animal’s carcass are left behind. Either it’s a dead dog or remains of a rodent after rat control, the experts treat the dead animal with care until it’s fully disposed.
  • Special gloves are used to prevent disease transmission when removing the dead animal. The body is then carefully put in a sealed plastic sack to prevent contact with anything in your property.
  • The animal carcass is transported to an incinerator where it gets reduced to ash at a high temperature.

How The Pet Cremation Service is Done

  • Once we receive your call, a specialist will arrive at your property, armed with specialised equipment and bags to collect your deceased pet.
  • The animal will be transported to the pet crematorium in a container with a solid lid.
  • Once the cremation process is finished, the ashes of your pet will be given back to us and we’ll safely handle them back to you.
  • All regulations related to the pet cremation service will be carefully followed, as we realise how important and emotional this moment is to anyone who’s been a pet owner.

Leave this unpleasant job to our experienced pest exterminators. Call and inquire more about our prices and get an estimated quote!

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