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Rat Control

Rat Control in London: Reliable Extermination and Proofing

Rats are considered a pest as they spread harmful diseases, contaminate human food and damage people’s property. Panther Pest Exterminators can help you with efficient rat control in London to effectively eliminate the rodents in your property.

If you have any doubts about having a rat problem, contact us for professional pest inspection and we’ll determine if there is any rodent activity in your property.

  • You can book rat extermination every day of the week and evenings, even on a short notice for emergency rat removal.
  • Complete service including inspection, sealing holes inside, proofing the property, treatment and rat eradication.
  • Upon request, we can send a rat exterminator with a non-branded van to provide discreet rat pest control in London.
  • 100% identification of the rodents’ location.
  • Our rat removal and mice extermination are not hourly based – the technician will leave once the full treatment is complete. The same goes for our squirrel control service.
  • Our customer care centre operates 24/7 so you can always rely on our help.
  • You can receive discounts if you book more than one service with us.

In case you’re interested in a 10% discount, talk to the sales experts on the phone about opportunities for joining our membership programme.

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Expert Rat Disinfection and Disinfection

You can request pest disinfection service at preferential rates. It’s best to be done at least 3 or 4 days after the rat control treatment. We ensure all places the rodents have reached will be cleaned. In case there is a rat carcass, we can also do dead animal removal at very affordable rates.

To guarantee complete disinfection of your property after the pest extermination is complete, we can do a complete spraying with a biocide that will eliminate all traits of the pest infestation with an efficiency of 99.99% bacteria extermination. Check out our prices for rat removal service or contact our phone operators.

The Steps of our Rat Removal in London

  • The London rat exterminator will do a full property inspection before starting the procedure. He will use advanced pest control equipment to detect all rodent activity in narrow places. We also offer commercial rat extermination in London.

  • Afterwards, the technician will seal all entry points using wire wool and expanding foam. For a small additional cost you can request full rodent-proofing with:
    Brush door seals to fill any gaps under the door.
    Vent mesh to fill the holes in your ventilation system.
  • Knowing the serious impact rats can have on your health, the pest controller will fully remove them from your property and its surroundings using chemical and non-chemical techniques, such as rat traps and bait stations.
  • The rat specialist can also advise you about how to prevent future London rats infestation in your home or office. If you have booked full rat treatment, you can request two additional visits for a period of 3 months after the initial rat control session.

Note: A rat treatment can take up to 3 weeks to be fully effective. However, if we identify the high activity areas early on, results will be noticeable sooner.

Not sure if you are dealing with rats or mice? There are quite a few differences between the two rodents species, including a difference in rats and mice droppings. No matter which pest you have to deal with, neither rats nor mice are a joke. You need to take measures right away and stop the infestation on time. In case you can’t, call Panther Pest Control.

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