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Spider Control in London: Eliminate the Creepy Crawlies

Spider close up photoThe population of false widow spiders in UK has increased drastically. They seek shelter in attics, basements, garages and can easily make their webs in your home. When this happens at your property, spider control becomes a necessity.

Since false widow spider is one of the most venomous species on the island you should seek professional help as soon as you see one.

Panther Pest Control provide professional spider control in London and have availability even for same-day emergency treatments. We offer discretion and individual approach to anyone who wants to get rid of spiders.

  • We can come with a non-branded van to neighbourhoods in London and nearby areas outside the M25 zone.
  • We are available all week, including same-day treatments, bank holidays and weekends.
  • Our spider extermination complies with COSHH (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health) regulations and the products used are safe.
  • Our FULL spider removal service comes with a 3-month guarantee during which you can receive two free spider treatments if needed.
  • You can rely on our customer service centre 24/7
  • All spider exterminators working for us are certified and experienced in providing outstanding spider pest control services.
  • You can save money if you combine the spider pest removal with some of the other crawling insects treatments we offer, such as bed bugs control for example.

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Sanitation After Spider  Treatment

Request a sanitation for your home after a spider control at special rates. The cleaning procedure is most efficient when completed  5 days after the spider extermination and the insecticides have settled down.

For better comfort and prevention of health risks, you are able to schedule a pest sanitation with us. If you do so, a professional will sanitise your entire property with am effective cleaning agents.

Our Spider Treatment in Detail

    • Spider control performed by a skilled exterminator.Property Check: We will send a spider exterminator to perform a full property inspection before starting the spider control. This is a guarantee that all infested areas will be treated. In most cases, the inspection and the treatment are done in one visit.
    • Applying Treatment Solutions: We use highly effective spider control substances to ensure full spider extermination. If the problem is severe, we will use spider fumigation technique, which means spraying with insecticide wherever there is a sign of infestation.
    • Treatment Effect and Advice: We advise you to leave the spider insecticide to work for at least 5 days before hoovering and wiping the treated areas. We will also give you tips for spider prevention in your home or office in London and how to stop any infestations in the future.

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