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Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed Bugs Treatment in London: Get Your Good Night Sleep

Small black dots on your bed sheets, red itchy bites on your body, rusty stains on your mattress or yellow flakes around your bed are sure signs of a bed bug infestation that can only be dealt with after a professional bed bugs treatment.

Bed bugs are one of the hardest pests to get rid of, this is why we provide 2 methods of bed bugs treatment in London to ensure full removal of the insects.

The first method includes 2 visits of spraying with insecticides. For up to 100% effectiveness we recommend the second method – our eco-friendly heat treatment service.

  • You can book our bed bugs treatment on the same day for emergency situations.
  • We can send a non-branded van to your home in London to perform discreet treatment.
  • All bed bugs exterminators are experienced and certified in performing high quality bed bugs pest control.
  • Our services follow COSHH (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health) regulations.
  • Our customer care centre operates 24/7 so you can reach us at any time you need.
  • You can get a special discount if you combine bed bugs control with some of our other services, for example moth treatment.
  • You can request up to two free visits within 3 months if you have booked a full service.

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Pest Sanitation After the Bed Bugs Treatment

After the insecticides have settled down for 5 days, we can send over a team of cleaners at preferential rates on your request.. You will get your mattress and carpets professionally cleaned, and all other previously infested areas will be sanitised.

We also offer bed bugs fumigation service on territory of London in case the infestation is too heavy and other methods of extermination give no results.

Our Bed Bugs Pest Control in Detail

  • We value your privacy and our bed bugs treatment will be delivered with full confidentiality. We will perform a full property inspection before starting the treatment, as bed bugs can often hide in mattresses, bed frames, bed heads, bedside furniture, electrical fittings and appliances, underneath carpet edges and skirting.
  • bed bugs treatment in LondonOur bed bugs eradication service in London takes 2 visits, 2 weeks apart, to ensure a complete bed bug removal. On the first visit we use a pest control product which attracts the insects to the bed so they can get in contact with the substance.  There is a high chance that you to find more bites on your body after the first treatment, but it is completely normal.
  • The second treatment is usually 2 weeks after the first one. We use another substance to treat the infested areas to ensure full extermination of all life stages of bed bugs.
  • We recommend that you don’t clean or vacuum the surfaces for at least 5 days after the treatment has taken place. For up to 100% elimination of bed bugs we suggest our heat treatment service.
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FAQ About The Bed Bugs Treatment

Question: What do I need to do before a bed bug treatment?

Answer: Remove all bedding and linens – sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, etc. Bag them all up in the same room so the infestation doesn’t spread to the rest of the house. Hot wash on 60-90′ C. Proceed doing the same with clothing around or under the affected areas, especially items stored under the bed – must be emptied and their content must also be hot washed. Hoover meticulously all areas of the bedroom including both sides of the matress/es. You will be provided with further instructions before and after the scheduled bed bugs treatment.

Question: Why does it take more than one treatment for bed bugs and rodents?

Answer: These pests have different life cycles than other target species. During certain stages of their life cycles, treatments work only partially, so we have to catch them between these dormant cycles in order to fully manage their population.

Question: I have small bite marks on my skin when I wake up in the morning, why is that?

Answer: It’s most probably a bed bug infestation. Look for other signs such as small dirts on your sheets, that is what their droppings look like.