Silverfish Control in London: Protect Your Belongings

Silverfish are one of the many pests in the UK that you don’t want in your property for a long time. Their diet includes book bindings, paper, photos, carpets, sugar, coffee, paint, glue and more. And since they prefer to hide in damp and dark places, an infestation often goes unnoticed for a long time.

We offer you a solution. Hire local pest exterminators to inspect and perform silverfish control in your London property.

Our domestic pest control services are available anywhere in London, 7 days a week, including weekends, evenings and bank holidays.
You can opt for a FULL silverfish treatment which includes 2 free follow up visits.
Our customer support team is online 24/7 for more information or assistance with booking.
We can deliver a discreet treatment so nobody will know you have a pest problem.
Silverfish control is carried out in accordance with COSHH (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health) regulations.

What Attracts Silverfish to Your Home?

They find human homes quite appealing, cosy, giant 24-hour restaurant with their favourite meals. These little bugs have a taste for polysaccharides. These are the sugary carbohydrates found in various items around your home or office like:

  • Sugar and starches
  • Glue (the dextrin in adhesives), paint and plaster
  • Hair, dandruff, cellulose, coffee
  • Paper, photos, book bindings, linen, clothing, silk, carpet, dead insects, their own exuvia (their moulted exoskeleton)
  • During a famine, they might attack leather and synthetic textiles

Can Silverfish Harm You or Your Family?

They are not known to bite people or cause allergies, but bigger individuals can extremely scare you. Just imagine coming home in the evening, switching the lights on and seeing one on the wall above your bed.

They are not dangerous to people but can cause damages to your belongings. They enjoy munching on your favourite books or clothes.

How We Perform Pest Control for Silverfish Infestations

Once you’ve scheduled and confirmed a visit, we will send a technician. The exterminator will thoroughly inspect your commercial or residential property in London to determine the level of infestation, sources and nesting grounds. This way he will be able to choose the most effective silverfish control method. We alslo offer commercial pest control in London
The products and equipment we use for insect treatments are of excellent quality and eradicate every single bug in your home or office in London. You can also book a heat treatment to eliminate the infestation or a fumigation service to prevent future infestations.These types of services are suitable for other insect infestations such as bed bug extermination, flea extermination, and others.
Once the treatment session is over, the exterminator will give you quality advice for insect prevention. Additionally, you need to let the insecticide work for 5 days before vacuum cleaning or wiping any surfaces in the treated area.

What Customers Share:

  • I would have been nice if the world worked in a way that if you once get bed bugs and get rid of them they never reappear, but it doesn't. I've had to call for bed bug treatment two times in the last five years and have trusted Panther Pest Control both times. They get the job done without any hassle, plus the prices are budget-friendly. I hope I never have to use them again, but totally recommend them to people in need of adequate pest control treatment in the London area.

    Austin Bramson Avatar Austin Bramson
  • Rang the phone, got a quote and booked right away. In two days the flat was already treated for bed bugs and a second visit was scheduled. Quick and professional guys! Loved using Panther Pest Control and strongly recommend them. The price was ok, the exterminators were thorough and gave me some advice. Hopefully I won't have to use them again though.

    Thomas B. Avatar Thomas B.
  • We’ve never had this many squirrels in the yard before. Maybe one or two have been spotted the previous spring but this year the population has increased a lot! We are afraid of disease transmission and I had to call the exterminators. I’m glad no squirrel were killed. Instead, they were safely trapped and removed from the property.

    Elise Kirk Avatar Elise Kirk
  • When my husband and I returned from the holiday in Eastern Europe everything was fine until our bodies got covered in red itchy marks. There were bed bugs all over the apartment. Luckily, the company had a free slot for bed bug treatment on the very same day. We had to spend the night on the bed to lure the bed bugs out and they were fully exterminated by the pesticide.

    Sophie Cross Avatar Sophie Cross
  • The nest in the backyard turned out to be made by wasps not bees, which made us call professional pest technicians to deal with it. They carefully removed it and no one was hurt during or after the treatment. Very good job.

    G. Henderson Avatar G. Henderson

Facts About Silverfish You Should Know

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