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Silverfish Control

Silverfish Control in London: Protect Your Belongings

Like many of the property invasive species in UK, silverfish are the cheeky guests you don’t want to find in your property. These tiny crawlers are harmless to people and yet can make your home unhygienic if proper silverfish control is not done on time.

They prefer damp and dark places, and their diet includes book bindings, paper, photos, carpets, sugar, coffee, paint, glue and more.

Silverfish infestations are hard to notice until the situation becomes uncontrollable. We provide efficient and high-quality silverfish treatment for domestic and business clients in London that will help you get rid of silverfish quick and efficiently.

  • Silverfish elimination is carried out in accordance with COSHH (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health) regulations.
  • You can arrange a same-day or an emergency visit for silverfish removal. We are available anywhere in London, 7 days a week, including weekends, evenings and bank holidays.
  • We can come with a discrete non-branded van so nobody will know you have a pest problem.
  • You can opt for a FULL silverfish eradication. Upon request, you can get 2 free visits. The offer is valid for 3 months after the initial treatment.
  • You can receive special discounts if you request more than one silverfish control service for a single visit. For example, you can combine silverfish fumigation with dust mites treatment or spider treatment.
  • Our customer support team are online 24/7 and will be able to give you more information or assist you with placing your booking.

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How We Perform Pest Control for Silverfish Infestations

  • Exterminator performs silverfish controlOnce you’ve scheduled and confirmed a visit, we will send a technician. The exterminator will thoroughly check your commercial or residential property in London to determine the level of silverfish infestation, sources and nesting grounds. This way he will be able to choose the most effective silverfish control method.
  • The products and equipment we use for silverfish treatments are of excellent quality and eradicate every single silverfish in your home or office in London.
  • Once the treatment session is over, the silverfish exterminator will give you quality advice for silverfish prevention. Additionally, you need to let the insecticide work for 5 days before vacuum cleaning or wiping any surfaces in the treated area.

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Pest  Sanitation After a Silverfish Treatment

Sanitation is now available to be combined with pest control treatment. Upon your request, we can send a team of cleaners to sanitise your property 5 days after the silverfish control. Your home will be cleaned of all traces the insects have left behind.