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Efficient and Discreet Mouse Removal in London

Mice can cause a lot of health issues and expensive damages to your property. If you suspect a mice infestation in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us for professional mouse control in London.

We’ve got the means and know-how for successful pest control and removal of mice and other troublesome rodents, such as rats and squirrels.

If you’re not sure whether you have a house mice problem or not, you can schedule a pest inspection. We will send a certified technician anywhere around London to check your property for any signs of rodents.

Benefit from a 20% discount on the price for a mouse treatment by getting a membership in our programme. Discuss the details of the membership status with our sales operators during the phone call.

  • Same-day emergency mice treatments upon request. We also work on weekends and holidays.
  • Complete service including inspection, sealing holes inside, proofing the property, treatment and mice removal. We offer mice control for businesses as well.
  • Certified mice exterminator will carefully examine your property by incorporating the latest technology for pest identification and treatment.
  • Customer care centre available 24/7.
  • Not an hourly based service – the mouse exterminator will leave once he has proofed your property completely.
  • We use professional equipment for rodent proofing and tested pesticides for efficient mouse eradication with guaranteed results.
  • Special discounts on our pest control prices if you become a member of the loyalty programme.

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How Exactly We Execute Our Mouse Removal Service?

  • Every mice pest control procedure we conduct around London starts with careful examination of the property. The exterminator uses specialised equipment to detect entry points and rodent activity even at hard-to-reach locations.

  • Then the technician can mouse-proof your property. He blocks any possible access points with wire wool and expanding foam. For additional cost he can install the following:
    >> Brush door seals will be installed below the doors if mice use the gaps to come in.
    >> Vent Mesh is used to fill the holes in the ventilation system which is usually infested by house mice.
  • He can also use professional pesticides to exterminate the harmful critters. You can rely on our tested mice removal methods.
  • You will receive additional tips on mice prevention to ensure your home or office will remain vermin-free. If you have booked full treatment, you can request up to two free visits for a period of 3 months after the initial mice control.
  • You can combine your mice extermination service with a dead animal disposal service and leave the dirty work to the pest controllers.

What Customers Say:

(4.4/5 from 25 reviews)

  • review rating 5  I would have been nice if the world worked in a way that if you once get bed bugs and get rid of them they never reappear, but it doesn't. I've had to call for bed bug treatment two times in the last five years and have trusted Panther Pest Control both times. They get the job done without any hassle, plus the prices are budget-friendly. I hope I never have to use them again, but totally recommend them to people in need of adequate pest control treatment in the London area.

    thumb Austin Bramson
  • review rating 5  Rang the phone, got a quote and booked right away. In two days the flat was already treated for bed bugs and a second visit was scheduled. Quick and professional guys! Loved using Panther Pest Control and strongly recommend them. The price was ok, the exterminators were thorough and gave me some advice. Hopefully I won't have to use them again though.

    thumb Thomas B.
  • review rating 5  We’ve never had this many squirrels in the yard before. Maybe one or two have been spotted the previous spring but this year the population has increased a lot! We are afraid of disease transmission and I had to call the exterminators. I’m glad no squirrel were killed. Instead, they were safely trapped and removed from the property.

    thumb Elise Kirk
  • review rating 5  When my husband and I returned from the holiday in Eastern Europe everything was fine until our bodies got covered in red itchy marks. There were bed bugs all over the apartment. Luckily, the company had a free slot for bed bug treatment on the very same day. We had to spend the night on the bed to lure the bed bugs out and they were fully exterminated by the pesticide.

    thumb Sophie Cross
  • review rating 4  The nest in the backyard turned out to be made by wasps not bees, which made us call professional pest technicians to deal with it. They carefully removed it and no one was hurt during or after the treatment. Very good job.

    thumb G. Henderson

Ready to Get Rid of Your Mice Problem?

The pest exterminators operate in London and will ensure mice will no longer enter your sacred home! Hiring professionals to do the job is not only a quicker and more efficient way to eliminate a pest problem but is also safer for your own health!
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Facts About Mice

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  • Populations of mice can increase very quickly, due to the female mouse’s ability to deliver a maximum of 14 young per litter. While the average number of newborn mice is six to eight, the size of each litter varies. The gestation period lasts about 20 days, making it possible for a single female mouse to produce between 5 and 10 litters per year.

  • Mice produce roughly about 18,000 to 25,000 fecal droppings per year.They are known to carry various diseases like Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis (LCM), Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome. Some of the dangerous viruses are carried by the very animal and others are transmitted by their droppings.

  • Have you ever heard of “a fire of unknown origin”? That “unknown origin” is a five letter word called MOUSE. With its constant gnawing habits and a few cables, a mouse can easily start a fire in any property.

  • Mice can easily squeeze through openings, which are larger than ½-inch in diameter. Their small size gives them the ability to successfully infiltrate properties through holes in the floors and walls, by using the gap between a windows and its frame and through the space around pipes and conduits. Mice can also make their way inside, through doors that have been left open or which don’t seal properly.

  • Mice feel insatiable hunger all the time. In fact, these small rodents eat about 15-20 times a day which is the main reason why they make their burrows not further than 8 meters from the nearest food source.

  • Mice are ingenious animal engineers. They build long underground routes with several entry and exit points which they use for hiding. They treat their burrows as a temple and have specialized areas for storing food, sleeping and toilet-like areas.

FAQ About The Mice Control Service

Q: How did the mice get inside in the first place?
Q: I think there are mice in the walls, can you help me?
Q: Are mice really that dangerous?