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Bird Control

Bird & Pigeon Control in London: Professional Pigeon & Seagull Netting

Pigeons can seriously damage buildings and monuments with their droppings when bird control is executed improperly or not done at all. These urban birds can also transmit diseases to humans such as salmonella and histoplasmosis if pigeon control is not executed professionally and on time.

Panther Pest Control is here to help you out by providing professional bird proofing, pigeon pest control and seagull removal in London. We offer domestic and commercial bird pest control services.

  • We can send a pest technician even on a short notice for emergency treatments.
  • The technician can arrive with a non-branded van for your discretion.
  • We offer professional bird netting for buildings in London as well as bird-proofing with fire gel and anti-pigeon spikes.
  • We can help you with a wide range of bird prevention services. So, why not take advantage? Simply book an additional service like rat control or woodworm treatment and get a discount.
  • There’s always a customer service representative who can give you additional information about our fast and efficient bird removal services.

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Professional Bird Disinfection

Birds, especially pigeons, transmit various disease. For this reason, we highly recommend a disinfection service after a pigeon control service is completed.

Upon additional request, we may send a professional cleaning team that will wipe off all harmful traces the birds might have left at your property.

Experience Top-Quality Pigeon Netting Service Today

  • For bird proofing we have to do a survey of the property first. We’ll send an experienced bird control expert to inspect your property in London and check the severity of the bird problem. He’ll determine how to deal with any pigeon or seagull issues hygienically and professionally.
  • After the inspection the bird control specialist will place discreet seagull netting and pigeon prevention spikes to prevent these bird species from nesting or roosting on roofs. This bird control solution can protect whole roofs, warehouses and buildings which will keep them from settling and perching. Seagull removal and anti-pigeon netting in London is particularly effective for large open areas – it provides an impenetrable barrier that protects the premises without harming the birds.

  • The technician will also put fire gel on places where birds usually land to repel them.
  • If there are any dead pigeons or other birds such as seagulls in your property, Panther Pest Control can help you out with the animal carcass disposal as well.

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The exterminators we work with are not just experienced in keeping pigeons and other birds away from your property. They are qualified to deal with a wide range of vermin that can attack your home or your place of business. You can get in touch with us at any time and book a property inspection if you have doubts about any pests on your property. We can contact us for other types of services such as mice control, squirrel control, fly control and more. We will send skilful exterminators to any London address.

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