Professional Proofing for Bird & Pigeon Control in London

Pigeons can seriously damage buildings with their droppings. Feral pigeons are often referred to as “flying rats”, because similarly to rats they transmit a huge number of diseases like Salmonella, Candidiasis, Encephalitis, Toxoplasmosis and others if pigeon control is not executed on time.

Panther Pest Control will help you out by providing professional domestic and commercial pigeon pest control and proofing in London.

We offer short notice and emergency treatments.
Surveys done with a drone for hard to reach places.
We do professional bird netting for buildings in London.
Call us 24/7 about our reliable bird removal services.
We also do bird-proofing with fire gel and anti-pigeon spikes.

Problems Caused by Pigeons and Other Birds

Pigeons can be responsible for property damage that might cost you hundreds of pounds to fix. Not to mention they can be the cause of health issues.

  • Pest infestations – pigeons, seagulls and other birds can carry insects to your home or business property and cause entire infestation. Parasite insects that are often carried by birds are – bird mites, fleas, ticks, even lice.
  • Water or air contamination – in your home, or more likely in a modern business or office environment where there’s an air conditioning systems can spread bacteria and pathogens that can make people who are exposed to them sick.
  • Noise nuisance – to both domestic and commercial properties, noise can be a huge problem. And birds tend to cause a lot of noise, which is not pleasant at all when you have to work or are at home relaxing.
  • Risk of slipping – bird droppings if not removed regularly can layer up and cause various surfaces to become extremely slippery.
  • Gutter overflowing – be it bird droppings, feathers or just debris carried by the birds, gutters can clog and if the problem is not noticed and fixed on time, the can overflow and the leakage can damage the roof or the walls.
  • Damage to property – bird droppings contain uric acid which is a corrosive substance which can be destructive to cars, roofs, machinery, parts of buildings that are made from limestone and sandstone, and statues.

Experience Efficient Pigeon Netting Service Today

For bird proofing we have to do a survey of the property first. We’ll send an experienced bird control expert to inspect your property in London and check the severity of the bird problem. He’ll determine how to deal with any pigeon or seagull issues hygienically and professionally. For high or hard to reach places, the exterminator will use a drone so he can have a detailed view on every problematic area.
After the inspection the bird control specialist will place discreet seagull netting and pigeon prevention spikes to prevent these bird species from nesting or roosting on roofs. This bird control solution can protect whole roofs, warehouses and buildings which will keep them from settling and perching. Seagull removal and anti-pigeon netting in London is particularly effective for large open areas – it provides an impenetrable barrier that protects the premises without harming the birds.
The technician will also put fire gel on places where birds usually land to repel them.
If there are any dead pigeons or other birds such as seagulls in your property, Panther Pest Control can help you out with the animal carcass disposal as well.NOTE: We do not kill pigeons or other birds. We simply offer a service to remove any dead ones from your property.

What Customers Say About Us:

  • I would have been nice if the world worked in a way that if you once get bed bugs and get rid of them they never reappear, but it doesn't. I've had to call for bed bug treatment two times in the last five years and have trusted Panther Pest Control both times. They get the job done without any hassle, plus the prices are budget-friendly. I hope I never have to use them again, but totally recommend them to people in need of adequate pest control treatment in the London area.

    Austin Bramson Avatar Austin Bramson
  • Rang the phone, got a quote and booked right away. In two days the flat was already treated for bed bugs and a second visit was scheduled. Quick and professional guys! Loved using Panther Pest Control and strongly recommend them. The price was ok, the exterminators were thorough and gave me some advice. Hopefully I won't have to use them again though.

    Thomas B. Avatar Thomas B.
  • We’ve never had this many squirrels in the yard before. Maybe one or two have been spotted the previous spring but this year the population has increased a lot! We are afraid of disease transmission and I had to call the exterminators. I’m glad no squirrel were killed. Instead, they were safely trapped and removed from the property.

    Elise Kirk Avatar Elise Kirk
  • When my husband and I returned from the holiday in Eastern Europe everything was fine until our bodies got covered in red itchy marks. There were bed bugs all over the apartment. Luckily, the company had a free slot for bed bug treatment on the very same day. We had to spend the night on the bed to lure the bed bugs out and they were fully exterminated by the pesticide.

    Sophie Cross Avatar Sophie Cross
  • The nest in the backyard turned out to be made by wasps not bees, which made us call professional pest technicians to deal with it. They carefully removed it and no one was hurt during or after the treatment. Very good job.

    G. Henderson Avatar G. Henderson

Fact About Pigeons You Need To Know:

Book Pigeon Pest Control Service from Local Experts

The exterminators we work with are not just experienced in keeping pigeons and other birds away from your property. They are qualified to deal with a wide range of vermin that can attack your home or your place of business. You can get in touch with us at any time and book a property inspection if you have doubts about any pests on your property. We will send skilful exterminators to any London address.

Drone surveys are available for domestic and commercial properties that are up to 150m high. They save time and are a modern approach to pest control that few companies offer.

You can also take advantage of our pest control service for your business property as well. Call us now or fill in our contact form!

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