Wasp Stings: Definition, Symptoms and Remedies

Learn everything about wasp stings. What to expect, symptoms and treatments at home. Allergic reaction to wasp stings must be treated immediately!

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How Common are Bed Bugs in the UK Today?

The history of bed bugs in the UK begins a little while before WWII. The Cimex lectularius is the type of bed bug that is native to Europe and the UK. Bed bugs weren’t common to the UK until the 1930s and since then the problem has grown.
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Mice Species in the United Kingdom

Mice are one of the smallest mammals known on earth. You can find those tiny, hairy, long-tailed with big eyes and big ears, animals on every inhabitable continent. The mouse is primarily nocturnal with bad eyesight, but with remarkable remaining senses.

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Common Types of Spiders Found in the UK

Last Update: 13.02.2019
You must have seen different types of spiders in your house, but do you know their names? There are over 600 species of spiders in the UK and you may have encountered most of them one way or another. Some species prefer to live outside in nature, while others find your home to be the perfect place to live. Here are some of the most common spiders you would find in your British home.

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Bed Bugs Facts & Myths

Last Update: 18.07.2018

Finally, we’ve managed to get all bed bugs facts and myths in one place. This guide will get even bigger over time and we will try to cover any information related to bed bugs that are either a fact or a myth?

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