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Moth Control in London: Protect Your Clothes and Carpets

Clothes moth close up photo If you have noticed small holes in your woollen fabrics, it is safe to assume that your property has been infested by moths. Moths can end up costing you a lot with the damage they cause to your clothes, carpets and fabrics. The problem can continue for many weeks, which is why it’s important to get professional moth treatment as soon as possible.

Panther Pest Control offer efficient moth control in London to save your belongings from the hungry fabric-eating insects. Our moth treatment includes complete elimination of eggs, larvae and adults.

  • We offer same-day moth fumigation for severe moth infestation which need immediate action.
  • Our services comply with COSHH (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health) regulations.
  • The technician may arrive with a non-branded van to your property in London if you demand complete discretion of the service.
  • You can book our first class moth fumigation at your convenience, every day of the week and in the evenings, or Bank holidays.
  • You can receive great discounts if you combine moth eradication with some of the other pest treatments we offer, such as ant control or silverfish control.
  • Our customer care centre works 24/7 in order to assist you whenever you need help.

How We Perform Moth Treatment

  • Moth treatment by Panther Pest ControlThe moths removal expert will perform a full property inspection before starting the moth extermination, ensuring every infested area will be treated. The whole treatment usually takes one visit. We can remove clothes, carpet moths as well as wool moths.
  • The exterminator will then proceed with spraying floors, curtains, cupboards, wardrobes and skirting boards with moth insecticide. He will not spray directly on your clothes.
  • Our full moth control service has an additional 3-month period during which you can request up to two free follow-up visits, if needed.
  • Panther Pest Control can also advise you on how to do an effective moth prevention that will protect your home or office from moths in the future. We recommend leaving the moth insecticide to work for at least 5 days before cleaning the treated areas.
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Pest Disinfection and Sanitation

Request a pest disinfection service at preferential rates now and enjoy a sanitised home after you have already dealt with the pest. Once the insecticides’ effect has settle down which usually takes at least 5 days, don’t hesitate to schedule a disinfection of the premises. We can send a professional cleaning team to sanitize floors, carpets, furniture and other treated areas.

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