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When you are in need of effective and discrete pest control company, call us! We are extensively trained in applying the most effective substances and techniques, when attacking pest infested areas in your homes and offices. Panther Pest Controllers strive to use eco-friendly, natural, non-toxic substances, whenever possible. Our specialists can make a full property inspection before going ahead with the treatment, and we will make two additional visits to your home to observe the extermination process as well.

We have many years of experience in delivering high quality pest control services in London. Our exterminators have the right skills and tools to treat your property and leave it pest-free. Our individual approach has won us many return customers, who will gladly recommend us to their friends and family. Visit our testimonials page and see what our customers say about us.

Lily Knowles 10/17/2013

‘Last week I went to the basement of my house to search for an old box. Instead, I found a huge rat! I was so terrified I didn’t want to go in there ever again. Thankfully, I learned about your company and your exterminator managed to get rid of the rat in no time. I hope that this was the only rat there. If not, at least now I know who to call.’

Michael Riley 12/16/2013

‘We moved to a new house last month. Unfortunately, it was inhabited by lots of different bugs and we had no other option but call a pest control company. Your fumigation services turned out to be just the ideal solution to our problem.’

Abigail Metcalfe 03/24/2014

‘We bought a second-hand sofa and unfortunately it was infested with bed bugs. We searched online and found Panther Pest Control. Their team came on the next day and eliminated the tiny blood suckers completely.’

Daisy Hudson 12/09/2013

‘I’ve been living in London my whole life but still can’t get used to seeing a rat. Especially in my own attic. When I saw the vermin, I immediately ran to the computer and searched for a rat exterminator. I’m glad I found your team because you did an excellent job catching the intruder.’

L. Summers 11/13/2013

‘I really hate mice so you can imagine how I felt when I saw one in my kitchen. I tried to catch it on my own but failed miserably. This was the moment I realized I’d better search for a local pest control company. I found you and I am very happy with the outstanding work your mice exterminator did.’

Melanie and Julie 01/27/2013

‘I share a top floor flat in an old house with a friend. We’ve had a little mouse in the kitchen for weeks and we couldn’t seem to get rid of it. My room-mate is just as terrified as I am to go near it. The landlady refused to pay for someone to come and get rid of it, but we couldn’t go on like this. So we found one of the lowest prices – with you – and decided to give it a go. We haven’t seen the mouse since. Many thanks!’

Chloe Conway 10/20/2013

‘I brought bed bugs home after a 3-day stay in a hotel. Tried to get rid of them by myself, but they seemed to crawl from every part of my bedroom. I asked around and a friend told me about Panther Pest Control. It took only one treatment and the nasty bed bugs were gone. Thank you, Panther Pest Control!’

Alexander Duffy 02/25/2014

‘Excellent service and customer support centre! I am really glad I found your company. I will recommend you to my friends when they have a pest problem.’

Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson 11/21/2013

‘My wife was terrified by the wasp nest in our attic. So we had to take some actions. I asked a colleague about advice and he suggested me your company. After seeing the amazing final results, I will also recommend you to anyone who needs pest control services.’

Evan Finch 11/04/2013

‘I am a big man and I can handle a few cockroaches. But there were hundreds of them in my kitchen. I don’t know how they entered my home but it was a massive invasion. Somehow your team managed to eradicate all of them and I haven’t seen a cockroach for weeks.’

Oliver Sharp 11/28/2013

‘I am a dog owner and I have learned how to get rid of fleas. But last month the infestation got out of control and I had to search for professional assistance. After your intervention I haven’t seen a flea around the house, so thank you very much!’

Beatrice W. 03/03/2013

‘We had loads of ants in the house, and the situation was getting out of control during the warm season. I’d had enough of the powders and sprays that didn’t do anything, so I went online and found you. Not only did you rid my home of them little creatures, you also told me how to protect it. It’s been almost 6 months since you paid me a visit and I still haven’t seen a single ant around. Thank you so, so much!’

Vicky S. 01/29/2013

‘We have no cats or dogs, but there were fleas all over the apartment. And with the baby on the way, I was getting very anxious. My husband spoke to one of his colleagues and he gave us your number. You people came and sorted it all out in no time. Thank you for the quick and efficient service!’

Laura M. 01/12/2013

‘My husband found holes in some of his woollen suits and sweaters. I wasn’t sure what we were dealing with so I went online, read about moth balls and bought some… but they did nothing! And then someone told me about a company that can help me, so I called you… now we have no more problems with the woollen clothes. Thank you for saving them from the moths!’

Morgan Hutchinson 03/11/2014

‘A huge thanks to the great team which rid our property from the awful cockroaches! I hope I will never see a cockroach at home after your intervention.’

Mark Warner 12/04/2013

‘Thanks, Panthers, for exterminating those nasty cockroaches that used to live in our kitchen. My wife and I can finally enjoy a calm and undisturbed dinner.’

Peter Greenwood 02/06/2014

‘We had a horrible rat problem in the attic. Non of our old-fashioned traps seemed to work so we had no other choice but call the exterminators. And we’re glad we did. Thank you, Panther Pest Control!’

Mr. and Mrs. Shah 02/03/2013

‘We spent the first night in our new apartment and woke up the next morning covered in little red bites. We had no idea what the problem was – it turned out to be bed bugs. Your technicians removed them completely. Now we sleep like babies again, without the annoying itching and scratching. Thank you for your help!’

Lewis Martin 03/13/2014

‘As a dog owner I often struggle with flea infestations. But the last time I couldn’t manage to eliminate the problem on my own. Panther Pest Control were kind enough to help me and make my home flea-free.’

Nicole Noble 02/18/2014

‘I woke up with bite marks on my skin one morning. I also noticed some bugs on my bed but wasn’t sure if they were fleas or bed bugs. When Panther’s exterminator arrived he explained me they were bed bugs and gave me advice on preventing future infestations. Only one fumigation was enough to kill all the bugs. I was lucky this time.’

Ellis Gilbert 01/07/2014

‘Both my roommate and I are terrified by spiders. So we panicked a lot when we saw a dozen of them behind our wardrobe. Thankfully, your team managed to come on the next day and eliminate the spiders completely.’

P. James 02/16/2013

‘I leased a house to students – the first and last time – and the kitchen was in a right mess. There were big and small cockroaches everywhere, even in the cupboards. I was so disgusted, I didn’t want to go near it, let alone clean it. A friend suggested I get professionals to take care of the problem. After you were gone there was not a trace of the cockroaches. Bargain.’

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The Benefits from Hiring Panther Pest Control Team

Pests are a common problem property owners share. Our pest removal team has successfully treated homes and offices all over London for different types of pests, including cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, fleas, mice, rats, wasps and more. For your convenience, you can book a Panther Pest Control service 7 days a week, for no extra charge. Plus, there are more benefits you can enjoy with our first class services:

  • Professional PEST Control Inspection
  • Professional PEST Control Assessment
  • Estimation of the type and level of PEST infestation
  • Professional protection/ health advice
  • Treatment with certified and high-quality chemicals
  • 3 -12 months FULL guarantee
  • Post Treatments if needed
  • Risk Assessment
  • COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Assessment
  • Recommended before and after service actions
  • 24/7 customer service phone line

We are one of the most reliable pest control companies in London, therefore we value our customers’ privacy and we work in full confidentiality. We will come fully prepared to deal with any type of pest that might have invaded your property. Our team of exterminators will also be happy to give you expert advice on how to protect your home from future pest infestations!

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