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Panther Pest Control: The Best Choice for Exterminators in London

Our company offers efficient, discreet and emergency pest control services for residential and commercial properties located in the areas within the M25 zone in Greater London, as well as towns and areas in CM, SS, AL, SG, HP, SL, LU, MK and NN.

Mice in the kitchen? Rats in the attic? Bed bugs in the bedroom? Cockroaches in the bathroom? All infestations should be treated quickly because pests can transmit diseases, contaminate food and water supplies, cause damage to your property and increase the maintenance bills. No matter what type of insect, rodent or bird is bothering you, Panther Pest Control is ready to help you with your vermin problem.

The Benefits from Hiring Panther Pest Control Team

The pest removal experts working for Panther Pest Control have successfully treated domestic and business premises all over London for different types of pests, including bed bugs, mice, rats, moths, cockroaches and more. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with our first class services:

  • Bookings 7 days a week, for no extra charge
  • Efficient and fast treatment with certified and high-quality products, approved by the official UK pest supplier
  • Complete service – monitoring, inspection, removal (fumigation), proofing
  • 3 months guarantee (certain number of visits included as per contract)
  • Emergency pest control and assistance on bank holidays as well
  • 24/7 customer service phone line for rapid response
  • Special discount for every additional service you book with our pest control company
  • We can come with a non-branded van to perform discreet pest control
  • All local experts have passed many assessments to meet the latest health and safety regulations, including COSHH 1988 (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) and RSPH (Royal Society for Public Health).

Our Pest Treatment in Details

STEP 1: Panther Pest Exterminators will conduct a full property inspection before going ahead with the treatment to determine the level of infestation, entry points and the most appropriate removal method for the current situation.

STEP 2: We use the latest insecticides/pesticides and pest control equipment to ensure full eradication of all insects and vermin. Panther Pest Controllers strive to use eco-friendly, natural, non-toxic substances, whenever possible.

STEP 3: We also offer pest proofing services to prevent future infestations. If guaranteed service is organised, we can make two additional visits to your property within 3 months after the first procedure and proceed with the treatment if needed. You will also receive free pest control advice on how to protect your home or office from rodents and insects for good.