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Fly Control in London: Get Rid of the Annoying Insects

Dead Fly close up photoFlies are considered more a nuisance than actual pests, but if they’re constantly present in large numbers, you can trust Panther Pest Control to help you clear your property with efficient fly control in London.

We can remove houseflies, cluster flies, blue bottle flies and fruit flies but we’ll also help you to get rid of mosquitos, gnats, ladybirds and booklice . Our treatment eliminates eggs, larvae (maggots) and adult insects.

For heavy fly infestations we recommend our insect heat treatment.

We also provide pest control services for other flying pests such as moths, wasps and more.

  • You can schedule a visit on the same day for emergency treatment. Appointments on weekends, evenings and Bank holidays can also be arranged.
  • Your fly eradication specialist can arrive with a non-branded van to perform discreet service.
  • All technicians are health and safety-aware and our services comply with COSHH (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health) regulations.
  • You can call us any time and schedule emergency treatment. Our customer care team is available 24/7.
  • You can receive special discounts when booking more than one fly pest control treatment for a single visit.
  • Our services are discreet, efficient and carried out by certified fly exterminators with years of experience in the field.

How Is Fly Treatment Performed?

  • An exterminator uses insecticide for flies control.Inspection Of The Property: The fly removal technician will do a full property inspection before starting the extermination, ensuring every infested area will be treated.
  • Treatment With Quality Insecticides: The fly controller uses highly-effective fly treatment solutions and full elimination is done usually in one visit.
  • Professional Fly Prevention Tips: The fly exterminator can advise you on how to protect your commercial or residential property to avoid future pest problems. Please, do keep in mind, it takes 5 days for the insecticide to take full effect. We advise you not to clean your property until this period is over.
  • If you have ordered full service, you will be able to request two additional visits for a period of 3 months, if needed.
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Request a Pest Disinfection Now

We recommend our sanitising service after the pest treatment has taken place. For additional cost, we can send over a professional cleaning team to disinfect the treated surfaces in your property. You can rely on us for deep carpet and upholstery cleaning as well.

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