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Wasp Nest Removal Cost - What Affects the Price of the Treatment?

Last Update: 20.07.2018

Does the wasp nest removal cost depend on the type of the wasp nest? (paper wasps, yellow jackets, hornet nest etc.)?
No. The type of the nest doesn’t influence the wasp nest removal cost. You should, however, note that we do not deal with beehives and hornets. If the mistake is yours and have called us for the wrong nest, you will be charged £35 for the nest inspection service.

Does the size of the nest matter in terms of costs?
No it doesn’t. Either it is a small wasp nest or a huge one, the technician will come to your address in London and will treat the nest without any additional charges.

Is it an hourly-based service?
No. The wasp nest removal in London is done as quickly as possible instead. Even if it takes the pest technician some extra time to complete the service, there will be no additional charges.

Do you charge per number of wasp nests that have been removed?
No. You will pay for the number of visits. No matter if there are one or 5 nests in your property, if the pest control specialist has visited your property once and has treated all wasp nests, you pay the standard price for wasp nest treatment.

Can you reach the nest if it’s too high? Will this increase the price?
While you’re booking with us, you will be kindly asked to share a lot of details about your wasp nest problem. If it’s too high, a professional wasp nest inspection will be done in order to confirm that the nest can be treated by the pest controllers. If it’s not too high, there will be no additional charges for a nest inspection, just the standard price.

Will the wasp nest be removed or only treated with pesticide? Does this affect the cost?
If the pest control expert has direct access to the nest, he will treat and remove it. If the wasp nest is not within the technician’s reach, he will only use equipment for pesticide application. The nest will remain where it is but the pest will be exterminated which will make it absolutely harmless. A new colony will not infest the same nest, because it is not typical for wasps to use an old nest, they always prefer to make a new one.

Is the price higher on weekends and bank holidays?
The wasp nest treatment falls into a category of services with a little bit higher pricing because such treatment is done after 8 p.m. when it’s dark, in terms of safety. If you book wasp nest removal on a bank holiday, a small amount will be added to the price, for more information, you can contact us.

Is my location in London of any importance to the cost of the wasp nest removal?
Yes, it is. If you are living in London, there will be no additional costs. However, if you address is located in an area outside of London the price will slightly increase because of additional costs for fuel.

How Much Does Wasp Nest Removal Cost in London?

Member Non-Member
Wasps Treatment + Nest Removal £84 £99

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Wasp Nest Removal With the London Council

You can also seek help from your local council – it will help you with the wasp nest removal if it’s able to schedule a treatment. Mind that you should add your postcode on the government’s page for reporting a pest problem first.

Afterwards, you will be redirected to a page for more information about pest treatments with the local council in your borough. Very often it’s a complex task to schedule such service with the local council for several reasons such as:

  1. Availability
  2. Payment methods
  3. Guarantee for no returning pests

With Panther Pest Control, you have the option for a guaranteed treatment. The cost for the wasp nest removal will be different but you will get a 3-month guarantee for no returning pest. If you prefer safety and efficiency above anything else.

Wasp Nest Removal DIY

We do not advise removing a wasp nest from the loft on your own. It requires specialized equipment, solid experience, knowledge and a very clever plan in case anything goes wrong. Wasps are very aggressive and dangerous, which means they may cause serious harm to people.

Call professional wasp exterminators who can remove the wasp nest and treat it with whatever is most adequate depending on the particular wasp infestation you have.

Taking action against wasps needs to be planned carefully.In case you are 100% determined to do a DIY wasp nest removal, please, pay attention to the following advice:

  • Always use protective clothing, you can’t be a 100% certain the wasp is empty.
  • Avoid using fire, paper wasp nests are very flammable and burning it may lead to damaging your property badly.
  • Don’t use water if the wasp nest is in the attic, this may damage the structure of the building because water causes wood-decay fungus.
  • Crushing the nest is also not an option – it will make the wasps come out and they will certainly understand who the aggressor is. Once they attack you, this may cause anaphylactic shock, which may turn out to be fatal. This is one of the core reason why we strongly do not advise anyone to deal with a wasp nest without the help of a professional.
  • Remove the nest when wasps are not very active – best to do so at night and when temperatures are low
  • Do not use artificial light – this may disturb them, which only make the wasp nest removal harder

FAQ About Wasp Nest Removal

How to know if you have a wasps nest?
Are the technicians qualified?
What preparation should I make before the pest controller arrives for the wasp nest removal?
Where do wasps nest most often?

No matter where the wasp nest is in your home, we will do our best to send professional exterminators who will treat and remove it if possible.
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