Wasp Nest Treatment Cost - What Affects the Price of the Treatment?

Last Update: 20.07.2018

Wasp Nest Treatment DIY

We do not advise removing a wasp nest from the loft on your own. It requires specialized equipment, solid experience, knowledge and a very clever plan in case anything goes wrong. Wasps are very aggressive and dangerous, which means they may cause serious harm to people.

Call professional wasp exterminators who can treat the wasp nest and treat it with whatever is most adequate depending on the particular wasp infestation you have.

Taking action against wasps needs to be planned carefully. In case you are 100% determined to do a DIY wasp nest treatment, please, pay attention to the following advice:

  • Always use protective clothing, you can’t be a 100% certain the wasp is empty.
  • Avoid using fire, paper wasp nests are very flammable and burning it may lead to damaging your property badly.
  • Don’t use water if the wasp nest is in the attic, this may damage the structure of the building because water causes wood-decay fungus.
  • Crushing the nest is also not an option – it will make the wasps come out and they will certainly understand who the aggressor is. Once they attack you, this may cause anaphylactic shock, which may turn out to be fatal. This is one of the core reason why we strongly do not advise anyone to deal with a wasp nest without the help of a professional.
  • Remove the nest when wasps are not very active – best to do so at night and when temperatures are low
  • Do not use artificial light – this may disturb them, which only make the wasp nest treatment harder

Want professional wasp control?

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Wasp Nest Removal With the London Council

You can also seek help from your local council – it will help you with the wasp nest removal if it’s able to schedule a treatment. Mind that you should add your postcode on the government’s page for reporting a pest problem first.

Afterwards, you will be redirected to a page for more information about pest treatments with the local council in your borough. Very often it’s a complex task to schedule such service with the local council for several reasons such as:

  1. Availability
  2. Payment methods
  3. Guarantee for no returning pests

General Information About Wasp Nest Treatment

How to know if you have a wasps nest?

There are various signs of a wasp infestation which can be easily spotted after a close observation. Some of the most common signs of a wasp nest in your property are:

  • a large number of wasps flying around the yard and the house
  • Spotting the actual nest is the best evidence – each wasp nest has its unique physical characteristics. You can read more about the identification of a wasp nest in our guide on wasp nests in the loft.
  • Wasp noises – in fact, wasps do make noises while they are building their nest. In other occasions, there may be a noise coming from the wasp nest because of the temperature control actions from the wasps – they regulate the temperature of the air inside by humming with their wings, which be easily heard by a person who’s standing nearby the nest.

Where do wasps nest most often?

Wasp nest everywhere they feel that their nest will be well protected. Crevices provide outstanding shelter and environment for trouble less reproduction. Wasps also nest under roofs and inside closed premises.

General FAQ About Wasp Nest Treatment

Q: Does the wasp nest treatment cost depend on the type of the wasp nest? (paper wasps, yellow jackets, hornet nest etc.)?
A: No. The type of nest doesn’t influence the wasp nest treatment cost. You should, however, note that pest control companies do not treat bees, hornets, and beehives. You will probably be charged for the nest inspection but it may not lead to treatment if the problem is not wasps, but another species.

Q: Does the size of the nest matter in terms of costs?
A: No, it doesn’t. Either it is a small wasp nest or a huge one, the technicians should come to your address in London and treat the nest without any additional charges.

Q: What preparation should I make before the pest controller arrives for the wasp nest treatment?
A: It’s best to not do anything special. Closing the doors and the windows of the house are simple enough, after all, you don’t want any wasps to get inside after they get scared out of the nest from the pesticide. Also, you should make sure there are no pets or children near the area that will be treated.

How to identify a wasp nest?

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Wasp nest treatment

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