Rat Prevention - How To Keep Rodents Away

Rat prevention is a must for anyone who lives in a property which is endangered of rat infestation. You’ll notice there are rodents of this kind nearby if you see either living or dead rats anywhere around or inside the property.

These creatures are very dangerous as they usually transmit various diseases. Rats are also eager to destroy a large portion of your furniture or walls. If not controlled properly their population will grow at a fast pace. That’s why we are providing our readers with this explanatory guide on rat prevention in addition to the professional rat control services.

Here, you will find tips and tricks on how to prevent any of your property from being damaged by rats and will learn techniques on how to deal with the rats on your own. There are many ways to execute effective rat prevention and it’s up to you which one you will choose.

Rat Proof Your Home

Rat proofing is essential if you want to be sure there will be no rodents disturbing you 24/7. The most effective way to keep rats away from your place is to cut their supply of food, water and shelter. When there are no conditions for them to reproduce and live normally, it’s highly possible rats will not set inside.

How To Prevent Rats From Entering Your Home

Several simple advice and techniques will guarantee no rats will cause trouble with your property. Take these rate prevention tips into consideration and try to implement them as your own way to fight with the rat infestation. Be especially careful whit rats which feel endangered as they might turn on against people and attack them. Rat bites are very dangerous and should be treated immediately.

Leave The Rats No Place to Hide

Rats seek for narrow places which serve for hiding. They quickly get in and create a colony which quickly spreads and multiplies heavily if left undisturbed. The best way to deal with this problem is to declutter your home and garden and leave no places where rats can hide.

  • Step 1. Remove unusable/broken furniture and similar items.
  • Step 2. Keep an eye on your garden and if you see any rat droppings or signs of infestation, move to any of the advice of pet extermination we explain down below.
  • Step 3. Periodically declutter your property, especially the garage.

Seal Food Supplies Effectively

Access to food is one of the leading causes of rat infestation, to prevent this, make sure there aren’t any spilt food leftovers around your property. In addition to this, any other food supplies should be contained in tight-fitting lids which cannot be destroyed by the rodents.

Store Anything Above The Ground Level

If there is anything that can be consumed by the rats like pet food or even cables and wires, it’s best to keep it all somewhere higher and not at a ground level as it will make the access to it harder.

Store all kind of household waste at a place which is hard to reach or in sealed containers to avoid leaving traces such as a scent or tiny pieces of rubbish. Rats are highly attracted to food waste and any other type of organic refuse so a compost bin is something you better not make if your home has a risk of being infested by rats.

DIY Rat-proofing Tips For You Home

In fact, It’s not that hard to make rat-proof installations on your own all over your place. All you need is the proper tools and expert tips on how to do it. Good news is many professionals have shared their experience and know-how for it, all you need to do is to get the courage and try it on your own. Here, you can see a list of all the tools and tips you’ll need for your DIY rat-proofing.

Places You Should Rat Proof At Any Cost:

  • Rats can easily sneak through any drains and sewer pipes. They can even come out of your toilet if not properly sealed. A was ring can seal the drain in the toilet perfectly.

  • If not checked regularly, ventilation may turn out to have been the shelter for rats for months, even years. Check for rat activity there often and exterminate all rodents which hide there.

  • Chimneys are dark, humid and warm this makes them the perfect shelter or entry to your home for the rats. Takes measures to seal it when it is not being used.

  • Garage entry doors leave a huge gap when being used, this creates the perfect opportunity for the rats to get inside and make a colony of their own. Set a form of pest control in your garage in case of infiltration.

  • If there are rats in the ceiling it is the roof that’s been breached first. Rats can eat through soft matter and can get through very tight holes of about 2 inches in diameter. If there are such in the roof, fill with rigid insulation material.

  • Cutting through wiring is far more dangerous than it looks. It can lead to a conflagration which might destroy a whole property. If possible, keep all wires in boxes made of solid rat-proof material.

Preventing Rat Infestation Of Your Car

Working Тechniques for Rat Prevention in The Car

  • Step 1. Apply bad smell to your car’s engine that will keep rats away. You can use stuff like peppermint oil, used car litter, red pepper and other rat repellants.
  • Step 2. Seal all places nearby the car where rats might hide.
  • Step 3. Use any form of rat control if it’s too late for prevention. If not able to remove the rodents on your own, don’t hesitate to call the pest control professionals for help.
  • Step 4. Don’t leave your car unused for too long. If you don’t plan any long trips, just take it for a ride to the nearest gas station or garage for a vehicle inspection.
  • Step 5. Ultrasound devices a.k.a mouse blockers will also do the job for you.

Rodents, especially rats and mice, are able to totally destroy your car’s engine. Therefore, rat prevention for your vehicle is crucial if you want to get the most from your car. The engine is most exposed to the sneaky rats’ teeth as the wiring is easy to be cut through and rodents might also use your car as their home. The chance of having your vehicle infested by the furry rodents increases significantly if your home is located in a rural area.

This complete guide on how to keep rats away from your car’s engine will give you a more thorough explanation and advice.

Rat Prevention in The Office

Rats prevention in the office is similar to what you do to stop the rodents in your home. However, there is a difference in the potential dangers to which all employees are exposed. These are some of the things to be aware of:

  • Disease spread by rats.
  • Droppings contamination.
  • Urine traces. Rodents use their urine as a form of orientation and as signals to other members of their species. It is also a source of rodent disease, that’s why it must not be spread anywhere around the office building.
  • Fire risk – rats eat through cable installations and wires which is a leading cause of a fire in the building. To prevent this, you can use any form of rat control where there are cables. You can also hire  rat control technicians to do a checkup of the entire office building.
  • Data Loss – if energy supply or any hardware is destroyed by the rodents, huge amounts of important data can be lost as an effect of unprofessional rat prevention and control.
We are a commercial service provider, therefore we produce content with informational purposes only. This site does not offer medical advice.

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