Why rats are dangerous?

Any animal that can carry fleas can spread the plague. Rats were considered as the main transmitters of the plague in the beginning, but later they were defined as the vehicles that the fleas used to spread the deadly disease back in the 14th century.

Anyway, rats live alongside man to find the way to food. They transmit and spread diseases, most of which can be fatal to man. The pesky rodents can transmit diseases through their urine, saliva and fleas. The fact that they like to inhabit areas which offer unsanitary living conditions speaks for itself about the health risks from a rat invasion.

Rat Infestation Health Risks

Rat-Bite Fever
    Also known as Weil’s disease this bacteria can be fatal to humans. People can become infected when contaminated rat urine or feces comes in contact with mucous membranes. Symptoms include headache, fever, vomiting, rash and muscle aches.


    Another bacterial illness carried by both domestic and wild rats. It’s spread to humans like the leptospirosis. The infected ones feel gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, stomach cramps and fever. In several cases the infection can turn out to be more complicated in terms of a recovery. If the bacteria enters the bloodstream and spreads through the entire body this might cause serious long-term problems.


    Аs perhaps you might guess the fever spreads when you got bit by a rat. Scratches and contact with rat urine and feces can also expose you to rat-bite fever. The disease is often known as Haverhill fever. If not treated, RBF can be a serious or even fatal disease.


    Аs we mentioned above fleas are the ones to blame about the plague spreading. If a rat becomes infected with plague it dies. Without the appropriate and timely treatment humans can also die, but today’s antibiotics are usually effective. Symptoms include fever, chills, weakness and swollen lymph nodes.

Beside the infections, rats can also carry organisms (viruses and parasites) which can seriously damage men’s health.

Structural Damages Rats Can Cause

If you don’t apply any rat prevention methods rats can be really irritating when it comes to structural damages. They might be tiny by size but seen as a big threat to homes. Rats have incredibly strong teeth which allow them to easily chew through any kind of surfaces and cause some serious property issues such as:

  • Fires – Gnawing away the insulation around electrical cables is easy for rats;
  • Floods – Puncturing pipes is another skill rats can demonstrate;
  • Death – If a rat chews your gas pipes the outcome can be unpredictable.

    The insurance sector have estimated that rodent damage to wiring is responsible for 25% of all electrical fires in buildings.

    Do Rats attack people?

    Rat bites are a threat to which anyone is exposed at home! But usually they don’t bite with no reason, however if the rat is cornered and feels endangered, it’s very likely that it will approach and even attack a human. As will many wild animals, if provoked rats will fight their way out of the confrontation.

    And no, a rat won’t bite you in your sleep.

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