Love them or hate them rats carry diseases and are a real threat to your health. If you get bitten bacteria from the rat can attack your immune system, and rat faeces can cause renal failure. Rats can also spread diseases through your pets. Preventing them from coming into your home is therefore an important issue. Once you know the reasons how and why do rats enter your kitchen then you can take steps to stop it from happening! The following article will give a few hints and tips to help you:

How do rats enter your property?

If you have rats in your garden they may be brave enough to actually enter your property through an open door or window! Alternative entry points are through damaged air bricks and wall vents or via faulty drains. They also have the ability to come through the roof particularly where properties have had extensions and there are gaps between the ceilings and the walls. Take a look at all these possible entry points and repair them as necessary.Other ways a rat can get inside of your home:
  • Windows and doors kept open
  • Gaps or holes in floors and walls
  • Hole under doors
  • Cat or dog flap doors
  • Drains and pipes
  • Holes on the roof
  • Through air vents

What lures rats inside your kitchen?

Rats can make themselves very small enabling them to squeeze through very narrow spaces. Spaces under kitchen units are very appealing as they can live there happily without being seen. The lure in the kitchen is obviously the food, especially when it’s left uncovered and on tops of units overnight. The rat will steal the food and take it back to its safe place to hoard. If undetected the rats can live and breed in your kitchen space.Like any pest and animals in general, rats come inside of your home in search of water, food, and shelter. The kitchen is where you keep your food, so naturally, rats would often go there to steal food.Keep in mind that they can find their ways into your pantry and eat through boxes of food, flour, cereal, biscuits or anything else.What else can attract rats to your kitchen:
  • Food left out in the open, on kitchen counter, on the table.
  • Leaky faucet or pipes where they can get quench their thirst.
  • An open or easily accessed garbage can.
  • Pet food and water.

How to prevent a rat infestation?

Rats can be extremely dangerous, not only because they can transmit deadly diseases to humans, but they can also gnaw on electrical cords and cause power shortages. Damage to your electrical or piping system can be quite costly and even dangerous.They can also cause damages to the structure of your home – gnaw on walls, floorboards, etc. Rats are a very common issue not only in the UK but worldwide. See the below-listed ways to protect your home from them.
  1. Remember that rats need a regular supply of water to make sure there aren’t any dripping taps they can access.
  2. Cover any food left-overs and put them away if at all possible.
  3. Empty bins regularly so there are no smells to attract them.
  4. Pull out washing machines and cookers from the wall to check behind, and check the flooring by skirting boards.
  5. Seal any holes that you may find or try some other natural means of protecting your home against mice and rats.
  6. If there are holes in the floorboards you may have to replace them.
  7. If old sewers exist under your home you need to look there too.
  8. Holes around sink waste pipes can also let rats into your kitchen from the wall cavities.
  9. If you want to, you can try home remedies such as placing hot peppers or garlic strategically in your home.

How to deal with a rat problem?

Once you’ve discovered a rat infestation you’ll need to decide on the best way of getting rid of them and then make sure your property is protected from future invasions. If you can’t tackle the problem yourself you’ll need to call in rat exterminators.

Panther Pest Control can offer you a service that’s reliable and accredited from trained technicians. Your health and safety will be taken very seriously and all the work will be of the highest quality. You will be given free advice so that you can come to a decision with all the information you need. A convenient and cost-effective service will give you complete peace of mind, knowing that your rat infestation will be eradicated completely.

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