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How To Get Rid Of Rats ( When It’s Too Late For Prevention)


Image source: Wikipedia License type: Public Domain

Rat prevention is effective as long as you take action on time – before the rats infest your home. If the preventive operation is successful, hopefully there will be no need to initiate a pest control activity.

Unfortunately, most people learn about the possibility of  rat infestation after it has already begun. If that’s the case, then it’s inevitable not to use any form of rat control to deal with the rodent issue.
There are 2 options available:

  • Contacting a professional pest control company
  • Dealing with the rats on your own

If the second option is the most comfortable way to stop the rat infestation, the information provided below may serve as a solution to the pest problem that’s been disturbing the peace and comfort  at home. Follow these basic steps to execute a rat extermination properly:

Find the entry points of the rats

This is easy, if there are actual signs of any rat activity such as droppings, holes and the most obvious one – living rats walking around the property. A hole with a diameter of  about 7cm is more than enough to allow rodents access to your house. Seal off any of these with a rodent-resistant foam which can also be used as a form of insulation. When seeking for the entry points, be constantly aware of the danger of getting a rat bite.

Use Traps As a Form of Pest Control

Although being kind of an old fashioned way to deal with rodents, traps are still a very effective and smart solution for any rat infestation. To get the
most of it, however, you need to know some additional tricks about it.

  • Feed the rats for a period of few days or up to 1 week, before setting the traps. This will make them less suspicious and when planned, the traps will give a much better results as the rats will not be scared or suspecting any danger.
  • Use food such as peanut butter as bait or anything else that spoils slowly.
  • After the rats pathways have already been located, place the traps there.

Rat Poison is Also an Option

Rat poison is still considered to be very strong method for rodent control. However, it imposes a high risk of being consumed by kids or pets. To prevent this, place the poison at hard-to-reach places which are impossible to be accessed by anything else but the furry rodents.

You can learn more about using poison for rat control in this guide on rat control with poison.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Rats

When the rodent infiltrators have breached the walls of your lovely home, it’s about time to get serious. The truth is, it’s not really necessary to spend a lot of cash on poison, traps and any special treatment if you spot the rats on time. Plenty of home remedies for rat control have proven as useful over the years and will share most of them with you.

Sharp noise
Cat litter
Bay leaves
  • black pepper

    source:Wikipedia License type: CC BY-SA 3.0

    Crush it to dust and spread it at the rats’ pathways. It will harden their breathing to an extent which makes it unbearable and they will flee away from it.

  • ammonia

    Image source: Wikipedia License type: Public Domain

    This remedy is easy to make, mix it with some water and regular ammonia and spill all over the place. Rats can’t stand the smell and will keep a long distance from it.

  • sound wave

    Image source: Wikimedia License type: CC BY-SA 3.0

    A loud sharp noise coming out from any homemade device will make rats to literally bleed out of their ears – what would stand such a torture ? Rats, definitely would not.

  • cat litter

    Image source: Wikimedia License Type: CC BY-SA 3.0

    Cats and snakes are rats’ natural predators. Therefore, the scent of their litter terrifies rats heavily. If you manage to find any cat or snake excrement, place it at the entry points the rats have made and they will run back trembling in fear.

  • bay leaves

    Image source: Wikipedia License Type: Public Domain

    At first look, seeming as something rats would munch with pleasure, bay leaves actually have the potential to kill any moderately small rodent. Buy some and use it as a bait for the rats’ doom.

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