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Quality Pest Control For Your Business in London

commercial pest control for business in LondonIs your business threatened by mice, cockroaches or other pest? The most common dangers of delaying or ignoring commercial pest control are structural damage, negative feedback from your customers, health risks for the employees, risk of disease transmission .

Panther Pest Control can help with individually tailored plans for commercial properties in London. We provide inspections, proofing and treatment services. Contact us today at 020 3404 5177 to get a free quote for your business.

  • We provide same-day emergency treatments and can also come after working hours so your clients won’t be disturbed.
  • The certified technician will arrive with a non-branded van for completely discreet service which won’t harm your reputation.
  • We can pest proof the entire property in case it’s a zone highly attractive to pests.
  • Personally-assigned account manager will handle everything regarding your monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly plan.
  • 24/7 customer support centre and technicians.
  • Eco-friendly commercial pest control methods, such as heat treatment, which are suitable for hotels, hospitals, restaurants, shops, schools, etc.
  • Complete sanitation of all infested areas can be organised after the pest control treatment.

Pest Sanitation

After the pest treatment, a professional pest sanitation may be requested. If you do so, an experienced cleaner will come to your property and will help you with the sanitation of the area that has been previously infested by the pest.

For maximum efficiency, it’s best to schedule this job at least 3 or 4 days after the commercial pest control at your property is complete.

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We Remove Pests From a Wide Range of Commercial Premises

To best suit the needs of our customers, we are able to come up with monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly plans for almost any kind of business property in London.

  • Restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, bakeries, shopping centres, groceries, kebab shops
  • Hotels, hospitals, private clinics, sport centres
  • Office buildings, services offices, multifamily housing buildings
  • Universities, schools, private schools, colleges, dormitories
  • Industrial buildings, warehouses, factories, power plants
  • Theatres, community centres, nursing homes, churches, car washes

For business properties of larger size an inspection in advance is required in order to come up with the best offer and method of pest control. To schedule an inspection dial 020 3404 5177 now.

Our Commercial Pest Control Treatment in Details

  • It all starts with a full property inspection which gives a better insight on how bad the pest infestation is. All entry points used by the pests are identified and the most effective way for pest extermination is determined.
  • The technicians bring all the equipment and eco-friendly products for specialized commercial pest control. This ensures safe and total eradication of all kinds of rodents and insects.
  • Pest proofing is the core step the professionals take to ensure pest-free commercial properties. It can be done as form of prevention before a pest infestation occurs or as an additionally requested service after the standard pest control treatment is finished.
  • Further pest control advice will be provided to you. This includes techniques and tricks on how to keep pests away from the commercial building and what to do in case you spot any rodents or other vermin.
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    FAQ for the Business Pest Control Treatments

    Question: Do you handle domestic and commercial premises?

    Answer: Yes, we work with all kinds of clients and properties.

    Check our complete FAQ page for more information on anything related to pest control.