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3 New Services From Panther Pest Control

Posted on August 13th, 2014 by Panther Pest Control Team

Is there woodworm eating away your timber? Have bees taken up residence in your attic? Are you being pestered by pesky pigeons? These kinds of pest problems should be dealt with urgently before there is untold damage or your health starts to suffer. Don’t worry, help is hand with 3 new additions to our range of pest control services.

Woodworm Treatment

If you’ve recently discovered holes in your timber, powder around the holes and spot the occasional emerging beetle you’ve got yourself a woodworm problem. It’s not just older properties that can suffer from this issue but new constructions are also susceptible. But don’t fret because we can come to take a look and offer up our services for prompt and effective pest control. Woodworm often takes up residence where there are damp conditions, with little ventilation. These are excellent environments for breeding and laying eggs. The woodworm larvae can spend as long as 4 years in your timber before emerging as adults after chewing their way out. Wooden furniture, beams and flooring are all vulnerable to attack from these destructive creatures.

After identifying the level of infestation we can get down to work using the most appropriate equipment and products. Where ever possible we’ll use eco-friendly products because we care about you and the environment.

Nest Inspection

Bees can build their nests in almost any part of your home or garden and once they’ve set up residence it’s difficult to discourage them, so do wasps. Bees are a vital part of the natural cycle of plants and where would we be without them so we don’t exterminate them. They are a species that is under threat so we prefer to relocate rather than destroy. But we do appreciate their presence can be very annoying and sometimes even deadly. It would be unwise to try and tackle this insect on your own and leaving it where it is will only attract more.

Bird Control

Pigeons are the rats of the bird world. They aren’t the cleanest of feathered creatures and this means they can transmit disease and be the cause of food poisoning. Pigeon droppings are associated with many nasty diseases and can cause untold damage to the exterior of your home or commercial business. Pigeons are also carriers of bird mites which love the taste of human or animal blood. Several good reasons to look at removing the problem and regaining a healthy living or workspace.

Carrying out their work to the highest standards our pest control experts will clean up the droppings and proof your building to prevent further damage. Proofing your building using nets prevents unwanted birds from nesting or roosting on rooftops and discourages them from landing. We’ll return to pay you a visit in the future to ensure our actions have been effective and you’re still pigeon free.

Our pest control services won’t break the bank but will deliver a value for money solution to your pest control worries. Their presence increases the risk of picking up nasty diseases, they contaminate food and water supplies and cause damage. It’s no wonder they’re so unpopular. We can expertly and safely deliver you with a long-term answer, keeping your home pest-free long into the future.

Don’t sit on your laurels hoping they’ll go away. Face the fact that unless you take action you’ll be faced with these unwelcome guests and unnecessary misery for many years to come. Take advantage of our exciting new services and enjoy your freedom from past issues.