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UV Dust Mites Control in London: Protect Yourself from Allergies

If you’ve experienced unexplained dust allergy and skin rashes, you probably got house dust mites in your home. Every used mattress is populated by millions of the microscopic arachnids and that makes dust mite bites a common thing among people in London. This is when our professional dust mites control service is the best solution to this pest problem.

There is no way to win this battle on your own but with our dust mite control service, success is guaranteed! Let the professional technicians assist you with UV dust mites treatment in London.

The Panther Pest Control team uses highly effective UV vacuum cleaners which absorb mites, dead skin, dust and other residues from your mattress.

  • Flexible booking slots are availabile whenever you need immediate action – evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays;
  • Protection and dust mite prevention of asthma, allergic reactions and sleep disorder for people allergic to dust mites;
  • Elimination of bacteria and allergens as well to ensure clean home environment;
  • Your property will be treated with special UV vacuum cleaner, which means the dust mites control is totally non-toxic and eco-friendly;
  • We can send a technician with non-branded van for your full discretion; This option is available for residential and for commercial clients.
  • 24/7 customer support availability both over the phone and online;
  • Book more than one service for a visit and get a discount. For example, request bed bugs treatment or cockroaches control.

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See How Dust Mites Control Is Done:

  • The technician will arrive on time and will start inspecting the property. This way he will know what the level of infestation is and which areas he should treat like carpeting, mattresses and draperies.
  • Once the property survey is complete, dust mite removal with the specialised equipment will be carried out. The dust mite controller will use a UV light vacuum cleaner which kills all house mites and their offspring. After the dust mites control service, a lot of bacteria and allergens will be eliminated.
  • If the infestation is too severe to treat with UV equipment the dust mites exterminator will apply a special spray. It is not like the common pest treatment solutions you will find on every supermarket shelf. Products like these are for professional use only, which means only a licensed pest controller would know how to use it safely for a fumigation service. What’s more, a common insecticide solution will be effective for carpet beetle treatment or flea treatment, but not for eliminating dust mites.
  • You may book a full service with us and get up to 2 additional dust mite pest control visits for a period of three months after the first service. See our prices for dust mite treatment.

Request a Pest Disinfection Now

You can request professional disinfection in addition to the dust mites treatment. We can provide you with a high-quality mattress, carpet or upholstery cleaning to ensure your property will be treated against bacteria and allergens. You can call now or fill in our form and book a residential or commercial property inspection right away.

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