Want to Avoid Bed Bugs When Travelling? Here’s a Handy Checklist to Follow!

Bed bugs have become a bit of a global problem. Wherever you decide to travel you stand the risk of bringing some unwanted visitors home with you in your luggage. While they aren’t particularly dangerous finding them in your home can be quite distressing and annoying, causing you to start itching and scratching.

After reading our advice you might think we’re being a bit overdramatic but the sad fact is that there is the possibility of a bed bug infestation wherever you’re travelling and whatever star-rating your hotel might have. To help you out we thought we spend some time creating a traveller’s checklist for anyone planning a holiday this year.

What to do Before You Go

  • You can find out whether the location you are staying in has any instances of issues with bed bugs online via various websites. It might not be very popular with hoteliers but for travellers, it’s a vital resource.
  • Don’t pack your own pillow. You might want to take your own pillow with you on your travels for added comfort and cleanliness but our advice is to leave it at home.
  • Pack a torch, bin bags and a pair of rubber gloves so you can inspect your hotel bed before you settle down for your holiday.
  • Plastic suitcase is best to take on holiday as it’s not popular with bed bugs and if you choose a light colour you’ll be better placed to spot signs of bed bugs.

What to do When You Arrive at Your Destination

  • The first thing you might want to do when you arrive at your destination is to fling your luggage on the bed but you’ll be better off placing it in say the bathroom, while you give the hotel room and bedding a closer inspection.
  • Using the flashlight give the bed area in particular, a closer inspection, paying close attention to nooks and crannies, seams and piping on the mattress. If you notice any bed bugs you may decide to treat the bed bugs on the mattress or  Pull the bed away from the wall and check behind it and look at the sheets to check for eggs, faecal matter and the actual bugs themselves.
  • If you find no signs of an infestation it’s safe to get your luggage out of the bathroom and using the luggage stand keep it off the floor while you unpack.
  • Should you be unfortunate enough to find there are some bed bugs sharing your room let the management know immediately and request another room.

Things to do When You Get Back Home

  • Unpack on a hard surface and wash everything you took with you in hot water and dry on a hot setting for 30 minutes. This treatment also applies to coats and footwear.
  • Vacuum your baggage and throw the vacuum bag away.

Came back home and saw bed bugs? Give us a call ASAP!

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