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Poison-Resistant Rats and How to Deal with Them

The British Pest Control Association determined there is a type of rats which cannot be killed by regular poison. The numbers of this mutant species are increasing as you read this text.

It takes only 21 days for 14 baby rats to come to life. And in just two years some of the breeding couples can have about 800 young.

For now the super rats have been spotted in Kent and Sussex, but with their high reproducing rate their population will continue to expand in the southern parts of England. The mutant rats have been discovered 50 years ago, but just recently started infesting the southern counties rapidly.

However, there is no need to panic since there is a solution to this problem. Pest control companies should carefully use stronger poisons in combination with traps.

This is how we at Panther Pest Control have been doing rat treatment since the company was established. Have a look at the steps we take during the procedure:

  1. When we arrive at the property, we inspect thoroughly all premises. The purpose of this action is to locate all exit points of the rodents and to determine the level of infestation.
  2.  We seal all holes with wire wool, sealants and expanding foam.
  3. Traps are placed on key points around your property.
  4.  Our experts put down poison only if the infestation is serious.
  5.  We also give you advice on how to prevent the rodents from reappearing.

The whole service is complete in one major visit. We have proved many times that our rat treatment methods are extremely efficient and successful.

So even if you encounter the poison-resistant rats in your home, you should not worry. There is always a way to get rid of them.