Most Common Autumn Pests


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As Pest Control Professionals know, the autumnal days and long walks in the park through fallen leaves may bring along pests that enjoy the summer days and want to move indoors with you.

Use this guide to identify the most common autumn pests and tips to prevent them from sharing your personal space.

Common fall pests include:

We’ll look at each of these pests individually to identify why they’re attracted to live indoors and methods to prevent each pest from getting in:

1. Ants

Ants can quickly invade your home and become a serious problem, particularly in the kitchen and eating areas. They communicate with each other using chemical scent trails and an ant finding food will rapidly mark a trail back to the colony so fellow ants will follow it to the source of the food. Each time the trail is used the smell intensifies so it’s easy to see how infestation occurs.

There are many ways to deter ants by sealing any cracks around the foundations and filling in any crevices.

  • Make sure you store any opened food in sealed containers.
  • Sweep and mop hard floors regularly and vacuum all carpeted areas.
  • Make sure that trees and plants are cut back away from buildings and keep firewood outside.

2. Cockroaches

Cockroaches love to snack on food, wallpaper, books and electronics and once they’re settled they can also spread germs and trigger asthma attacks. They appear at night so you may have to identify the point of entry through their droppings! They need a source of water and can survive more than a week without any.

To deter their arrival, make sure you don’t have any water leaks on your property. Keep kitchens and bathrooms hygienically clean. As they love grease to keep your kitchen worktops and surfaces squeaky clean and seal all opened food. Wash up before you go to bed! Empty rubbish bins regularly and use one with a lid that can be kept closed.

3. Bedbugs

Bedbugs are hitchhikers!

They’ll be transported on clothing, school bags and bedding and when they’re in your bed they make you extremely itchy. They stay close to the food source (us) and it’s the bites that cause the scratching. Mattresses will show tell-tale signs of infestation with dried spots of excrement alongside the bugs themselves. There may be lasting emotional and psychological effects after an infestation. To minimise the risk of transporting these pests don’t put personal belongings on the floor in public places and check school bags and suitcases before bringing them back into the home.

4. Rodents

As professionals, we carried hundreds of services for mice control, rat control, and squirrel control, thus our rich experience and methods for exterminating rodents.

Rats and mice differ in droppings, but both need food, water, and shelter to get through the winter months. Rats hide different, bite different (rat bites), don’t look like house mice, and are notoriously known as rats difficult to get rid of, but they gnaw through wood and wire and fit through tiny cracks, not to mention the smell of dead rats!

On a serious note, rats can transmit a number of serious diseases and can introduce ticks and fleas into your home. They are also rapid breeders and extremely destructive.

Check all around foundations, windows and door frames and fill any cracks or holes. Always store opened food in airtight containers. Remember to keep floors swept or vacuumed to prevent the attraction of crumbs. Put tied rubbish bags outside preferably out of reach of any scavengers.

If all fails, you may need the help of the professionals. A reputable company such as Panther Pest Control will send highly-trained specialists to protect your home and provide you with a pest-free environment. They understand the risks associated with any potential pest problem. Any pests require expertise to ensure total removal and a top-quality pest control company will guarantee that.


Image by: OakleyOriginals

If your home is invaded by any of these spring pests, call for professional exterminators!

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