10+ Mice-Related FAQs From Our Clients

As a London pest control company we’ve been in the vermin treatment and control business for years and the technicians have seen quite a lot of things. They have also received some very interesting questions about one of the most common household pests – the mouse.

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7 Myths About Pest Control You Still Believe

Pest control is a widely debatable topic because there’s a lot of problems that vermin can cause to humans. Many people offer solutions to pest-related problems, some of which work, some don’t. The truth is that it’s strongly individual to the case.

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Bed Bugs Facts & Myths

Last Update: 18.07.2018

Finally, we’ve managed to get all bed bugs facts and myths in one place. This guide will get even bigger over time and we will try to cover any information related to bed bugs that are either a fact or a myth?

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Queen Wasp Compared to a Normal Wasp

Last Update: 01.02.2019

There is a huge interest among people about the difference between a queen wasp and a normal wasp. From Panther Pest Control we decided to make a detailed post about it that contains the most common questions related to this interesting topic.

In this guide, you will learn how normal wasps turn into queens, how the two types of wasp live, hunt and multiply.
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Interviewing The Bug Chef – David George Gordon

Eating insects, arachnids and myriapods is one thing, but turning bug recipes into culinary masterpieces is something completely different. Each insect species have unique cooking requirements and this is why we reached out to Mr David Gordon a.k.a. The Bug Chef for some tips and tricks.

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