About Matteo Grader

The beginning


Matteo started in the company over 5 years ago and has been working tirelessly since then. He fell in love with his job right away because he loves helping people. He learned the most efficient pest control methods quickly and has become one of the best exterminators in our company.

He was quickly promoted to a team manager and together with his team they fought various pests in London. 

His work on our blog

After working on the field for a couple of years, he gained more than enough expertise in dealing with pests. He had helped hundreds of people in the capital with their pest-related issues and he learned a lot by talking to our clients as well. 

He now knows the most common DIY pest control methods people have tried, what has worked and what hasn’t. 

Now he mostly works on our blog, helping us give you helpful advice and tips on how to deal with your own pest issues. 


Email: matteograder@gmail.com 

Quora: Matteo on Quora

Some of his publications outside our blog:

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