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Pest Inspection in London By Panther Pest Control

Technician doing a pest inspection for rodents.Scratching noise coming from the walls, rodent droppings, red itchy rash on your body – all these are the alarming signs of a heavy pest infestation at home.

Panther Pest Control offer quality pest inspection all around London which is an excellent solution before pest proofing or overall pest extermination.

  • Quick availability in case of emergency situations even for evenings, weekends and Bank holidays.
  • Certified technicians with experience in pest inspections, proofing and treatment.
  • We use professional equipment such as endoscope and thermo cameras to detect any rodent activity.
  • Full property inspection including everywhere inside and around the property, ventilations, sewers and drains, windows, basements, the attic and more.
  • We send unbranded vans to your property for guaranteed discretion.
  • 24/7 availability of experienced customer care staff and pest control experts.

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Why Use Our Property Inspection Service

Whether you need protection or complete eradication, a thorough pest inspection is the first step towards getting more information on:

  • What is the pest and the scale of the infestation;
  • What are the entry points to your home and how the vermin got in;
  • The most suitable methods for prevention and extermination;
  • The amount of time and visits that will be required for a complete service;
  • The pest treatment/proofing cost is confirmed at the end of the inspection.

We also offer professional fumigation, mice control and rat extermination.

Our Pest Control Inspection in Detail

  • The pest technician arrives at your property, carrying all the necessary tools and equipment for complete and efficient inspection. He will use modern equipment, to pinpoint the pests’ location with 100% accuracy.
  • In case a rat or a mice inspection is required, the pest control professional will start your session by using endoscope and thermographic cameras to get a closer look at potential entry holes and areas with limited access such as walls, behind kitchen cabinets, in pipes, etc.
  • Based on the information acquired after the inspection, the technician determines the most effective and appropriate way to exterminate the invaders and pest-proof your home.
  • A final price for the following procedure is determined and confirmed with you. If you find the price to be reasonable, then he will immediately start the treatment, perform proofing, or do both depending on your preferences.
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