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Top 10 Reasons for a Flea Infestation

Posted on July 14th, 2014 by Panther Pest Control Team
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If you’re suffering from itchy ankles it’s likely that fleas are the cause. They are notorious for making their home in the warm and furry coats of our pets but once they’ve invaded a property they can become a problem for humans as they infest carpets, soft furnishings and even your bedding. In order to help you form a battle plan for their removal, lets look at ten of the ways they find their way into your home.


Image by carterse

#1 Your own pets

The most common reason for fleas finding their way into your home is on the back of your very own pets. It’s unavoidable really because they love the warm and cosy environment that your dog, cat, rabbit or horse can provide. Couple that with the ready source of food your pets provide and you’re destined for flea trouble. Only the very latest products purchased from your vet will serve as an effective deterrent because they are very resilient pests. Although they’ll cost more the expense is definitely worth it.

#2 Your friends’ pets

If you find yourself being a soldier of mercy and looking after a family members pet be prepared for an onslaught of fleas. If you’ve offered your help because of an emergency situation it may be that flea treatment for the pet was forgotten.You probably won’t even notice the presence of these pesky insects until the family members pet has returned home.

#3 Previous occupants’ pets

If you’re renting or moving into a recently purchased property it’s worth considering whether the previous occupants had pets. The treatment you’re using on your own pets, if you have them, will attract the resident fleas and kill them. But if you’re not a pet owner it’s a good idea to have the property treated for fleas, at the outgoing occupants or landlords expense.

#4 Your neighbours’ pets

Cats, in particular, are experts at finding their way into other peoples homes. Keep an eye out for wandering pets or you may find yourself facing an expensive and itchy problem.

#5 Your workmates’ pets

It’s not completely unheard of for people to bring their pets to work with them. A short visit shouldn’t be a problem but if the pet is at work for the whole day it’s likely they’ll leave some critters behind when they go home.

#6 Your family

When your family come to visit it’s usual for them to bring their dog with them. You may even find yourself travelling in a car that also transports the dog. You’d like to think that all pets are correctly treated but sadly this isn’t always the case.

#7 Where you work

Fleas can be a problem in many different working environments, particularly in the cleaning, renovation or construction industry. When you’re trying to pinpoint the root cause of your flea problem you need to consider all possibilities.

#8 The garden

Wherever you live you’ll have wildlife visiting your garden and with them come fleas. Badgers and foxes can be regular visitors and nobody has responsibility for treating their pests.

#9 Your shopping

We’re not talking supermarket shopping here but second hand items such as furniture, bedding and clothing can bring fleas into your home, as well as increasingly problematic pests such as bed bugs.

#10 Your vehicle

When buying a second hand car it could be possible that the previous owners used them for transporting their dogs or cats. Similarly a second hand caravan could also be the source of a flea infestation.

Some of the above suggestions may seem pretty ridiculous but where fleas are concerned anything is possible. They’re very resilient to many pesticides and their eggs can lay dormant for months on end. It can be quite some time before you realise you’ve become just another flea victim, at which point you’re faced with trying to counteract and remove the problem.