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Bee Control in London: Count On Us for Professional Removal

Swarm of beesNaturally, bees are known as peaceful creatures and aren’t as aggressive towards people as wasps. Yet, when they establish a colony and build a hive in your property bee infestations become a very serious threat to you and your family’s health.

Not checking your property regularly and thoroughly will eventually turn into a serious bee swarm problem and you’d need professional bee control in London.

NOTE: Have in mind that we don’t treat honey bees since they are protected.

  • We provide emergency bee control to help you get rid of bees and avoid stings as well as allergy reactions.
  • Professional nest removal for bumblebees, mason, carpenter or digger bees.
  • The bee specialist can come anywhere in London with a non-branded van for your discretion.
  • Our treatment is in accordance with the COSHH regulations.
  • You can contact us 24/7 to schedule a bee eradication service including on evenings, weekends and Bank holidays.
  • The pest technicians are certified and experienced in perfoming safe bee nest removal.
  • Combine bee treatment with cockroach control or any other service and receive a special discount.

Rely on Our Professional Bee Control Services

  • Your property in London will be surveyed by an experienced bee exterminator in order to determine the type of bees and the severity of the problem. Bee nest can form anywhere within a house or garden so the technician will check the property to locate it.
  • Once the expert determines the type of bee (bumblebees, mason, carpenter or digger bees) he will proceed with the treatment.  The treatment consists of spraying the nest with a special powder which attacks the nervous system of the insects and helps for more efficient bee swarm removal.
  • If the nest is easily accessible the pest technician will safely remove it leaving no trace of the bee infestation.
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